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Webnox Software offers cloud-based gym management software, which makes it easy to maintain your records. The customer profile management feature helps to build and sustain long-term customer relationships.

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Why do you need a GYM management website and app?

Our best gym management software in India, helps you to automate your tasks like workout planning, member check-ins, schedule management, and membership renewals, by streamlining the day-to-day operations at the club.

With rock-solid technology and robust features with a unique approach, Webnox Software’s digital solutions will guide gym owners and trainers to expand their business by attracting new clients. Our all-in-one fitness business management software is designed specifically for fitness professionals. With this software, you can cater to all your client’s fitness needs.

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Deliver an engaging Brand Experience throughout your members’ lifecycle

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With our cutting-edge technology, our simple fitness management software provides a seamless and effective portable mobile app experience. Our mobile application software will boost your client engagement, by developing phenomenal features like fitness trackers, goal settings, online coaching, diet and nutrition planners, class booking modules, and social media integration.

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We develop a highly customized experience by engaging them using SMS and app push notifications, and personal trainer apps that comprise appointment automation. By getting access to India’s best software for gym management, you can boost your member acquisition approach. Members will fall in love with our gym and fitness center management software by providing them with enriching features.

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Our web based gym management software solutions allow you to increase your fitness centre’s degree of consistency, keep enrolments from terminating and guarantee that your individuals are centred on their fitness venture. By using our online gym management software interface you can easily check the enrolment and movement reports permit you to get to the information you want to draw in and hold individuals at each phase of their fitness journey with you.


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Fitness GYM Membership
Management Software

We, Webnox software develop the best software for gym management to manage the entire cycle of members, right from the registration to membership renewal using our software. This web based gym management software is designed to meet all of your gym’s/fitness studio’s demands. Our unique suite of online tools will give you an edge in a very competitive market. We design custom Fitness and Gym Management Software solutions from scratch at a low cost, unify, modify, and implement specific features to your current off-the-shelf solutions. Members of gym management software will enjoy these unique features.

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Fitness GYM Scheduling
Management Software

We integrate online class booking & Reservations on gym business management software enabling health membership participants to schedule fitness training class and let members remind about the class within the app, and can able to cancel reservations. Our gym management software in India will ensure the trainers are also available at the right capacity by using the schedule feature to prepare a transparent trainer schedule that is available to all members. You can track the number of members attending all programs and analyse the busiest times of the day. This helps you to manage your trainers’ schedule more efficiently.

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Health Notifications on GYM and Fitness Management Software

We establish gym and fitness centre management software to provide your clients with regular fitness notifications by analysing their history of activities and also suggest suitable training if they are underperforming in the current training or if the program didn’t suit them. Get instant feedbacks for daily class by using the voting feature when the class is over.

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Stress Free Payments on GYM and Fitness Management Software

With the help of our software, automated reminders sent to ensure members pay promptly, and also get alerts if any members missed their payments. We implement Razor pay payment gateway in software for gym to get payments on time and stress-free with highly secured end to end process. The reporting feature also lets you keep track of your finances and business performance.

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Self-Service Membership

We design all in one gym management software for the members to receive all the self-serving features such as choosing a class, picking the workout routine, customising their fitness goals, selecting the trainer, seeing equipment availability etc.

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Fitness Manegement Improved Efficiency

We help you to increase your client retention percentage by fully automating communication and marketing communications by consistently engage your clients through our fitness management software.

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Performance Tracking

Using our gym business management software, you can easily get reports of all members and monitor their progress and check if anyone needs special assistance or help to get them on track with their goals. This will improve your trust in your clients and builds more leads.

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Customized Reports

With our fitness management software, the admin can get customized monthly reports of any individual with a simple dashboard and easy to monitor their performance. This feature helps staff and gym owners to look over the member’s progress and improve their business strategy towards success.

Fitness Functionalities For Members

Goal and weekly fitness activities can set for each member individually. Our cheap gym management software allows the trainers to monitor the member’s attendance and progress of the fitness goals.

It will calculate the optimum daily calorie intake to maintain your fitness level consistently.

Use the inbuilt BMI calculator to reliably calculate the percentage of body fatness. This can be a very helpful data to screen for which weight categories you fall into, so that you can set your improvement goal.

The user has the option for creating a goal and plan for crushing your weight, bulking, increasing stamina or body building.

The user can use the App to track all your activities. Completely sync with your fitness tracker to count the reps, heart rate and timing of workouts.

The user can set the personal training sessions based on your desired workout length, fitness level, and workout of choice.

Completely sync with your fitness tracker to count the reps, heart rate and timing of workouts.

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Webnox Gym management software works for you

Our online gym management software is versatile and adaptable for various other operations such as

  • Multi-purpose sports complex

  • Fitness club chain

  • Athletic coaching

  • Swimming pool training

  • Other sports

We carve your Vision Digitally

Why to choose us?

Deliver an exceptional physical and digital experience with tools designed to delight your members with Webnox software’s gym management software

With our web based gym management software, you get enhanced retention and member self-service capabilities so that you have everything necessary to spend less time behind your desk and more time changing lives of your fitness community. You won’t miss out on key software features for your business, regardless of your size.

Reasons why you can’t ignore us for others

  • Increased Club Retention

    With our advanced analytics and reporting, you can increase your gym’s retention rate and keep your members focused on their fitness performance.

  • Experienced customer support

    We have expert helpline just within a phone call distance way,email support and training.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We pay close attention to your needs. Our system is evolving dynamically, with new features being added continuously to meet your dynamic requirements.

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Gym Management Pricing Packages

Whether you are an entrepreneur or already running a retail business, Field service management that assists you in every stage of business; Launch, Manage & Scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fortunately, for gym business owners and their members, gym management software is very simple and convenient to use. From tracking workout progress to reserving classes and even paying bills, your fundamental operations will be easy to access and you’ll be able to use it on all devices with minimal to no training.
Helps you shift from inefficient pen and paper or simple spreadsheets to keep track of what is happening in their business to all digital automated process with superior control.Members need to feel like everything, from booking appointments to setting up recurring payments, as hassle-free as possible. The goal of the software is to make sure the only thing members have to worry about is showing up to class and you will do the rest. This helps member’s retention and retention is the best way to grow long term.
UPI Payments and our in-house payment processing platform includes fraud management, encryption and chargeback support. Main priority is that your customers should trust the security of their transactions.
Due to the way technology has changed in the fitness industry you need to have the most up to date software solution to help you grow. We roll out updates every quarter or sooner if we find any feature needing an update.
Yes, be rest assured. As the number of members increase the database adapts to handle the increase in usage and provides a seamless and smooth experience always.

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